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Aaron Swartz was passionate about creating social change through software and activism. For the last year of his life, VictoryKit was his laboratory. Our goal is to continue Aaron's work and honor his legacy by making this technology available to organizers and campaigners.

VictoryKit helps you quickly A/B test petitions and find the ones that resonate. Integrated with your CRM, sprinkled with magic, and crafted with love.


Grow your list

Designed for organizations with large email lists, VictoryKit optimizes every email sent to members to maximize list growth.

Measure Everything

Graph everything from facebook shares to signatures. Measure how campaign messaging impacts member behavior over time.

Send Trickles, not Blasts

Send out email in a constant trickle, continually optimizing to find the best performing petitions and email messages. Statistics drive everything -- if a message performs well, it will eventually be sent to everyone.

For Hackers

VictoryKit isn't a product you can buy. It's a free and open-source Ruby on Rails app that requires significant technical expertise to operate. It's actively used by Demand Progress and maintained by a loose coalition of supporters including ThoughtWorks, ControlShift and the Citizen Engagement Lab.

Open-source and available on Github.
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